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 The Million Dollar Vagina                                           Description: this e-book will teach you life-changing natural ways to boost your confidence and save you from buying tablets, creams or herbal remedies that promise to tighten your vaginal walls but only temporarily… Learn the effective natural way of using water to tighten vaginal walls. Learn also how to use twerking motion broken down step by step for those that find it hard to twerk this guide will show you how to use the motion to intensify your orgasm. Get A better sex life naturally….. and you can pass this knowledge down to generations

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First Time Mum’s Manual

Description: A first-time mum has many questions, how to cope in the first few months of becoming a mum. This ebook will guide you to step by step how to mould your body back to slim before your baby can walk, how to tighten loose regions, how to prepare for sex again and how to manage the stress that comes with motherhood. Knowing is Freedom.