Best Gift for a New Mum

Looking for a best gift for first time mum? I remember when I was pregnant I had many things I wished to have for my baby and all I wanted for myself was a pampering, something that would help me to get my body back after child birth.

Secrets for a First Time Mum is an ebook has been known to give so much knowledge a new mum needs to look after her body and her baby in the first three weeks of having her baby. It shares in depth know how of the challenges the new mum should expect and how to stay on top of the challenges. It lays out exact steps to follow from the moment her baby has come out of the new mum.

What to expect from the ebook Secrets for a First Time Mum include how to deal with blood clots that occur after child birth, how to support tummy muscles after child birth, how to protect the fragile back after child birth, how to ensure new mum heals and look after her baby at the same time all in the first 3 weeks of receiving her baby. It will make a great gift for the new mum without much help for sure.

I have listed some perfect gifts for a first time mum that many people will over look. While it is good to present a new mum with gifts that a great for her eyes we tend to neglect to think of a new mum’s body that has been through the rough patch of carrying her new born baby.

The gift of body replenishment is one a new mum will really appreciate even though she may not be aware what the best new mum gift is, but she will definitely thank you later when you spoil her with the following.

A new mum will benefits a great deal from replenishing her body with the nutrients that her body has used much of on the growth and development of the fetus when it was in mums tummy.

Immune system of a new mum will require replenishing with the right supplements.

Rhodiola Rosea, is a powerful adaptogen that provides bodily support, focusing in particular on stress, sleep, energy and hormone regulation. An adaptogenic herb is one that helps the body to adapt to various stressors, whether they are physical, mental or environmental.

I have seen Rhodiola have a significant effect on cardiac health, the immune system, physical and mental performance, male and female sexual health and specifically, depression” 

Postnatal depression is common in new mums Rhodiola Rosea will give a new mum the perfect perfect blocks that will build her immune system back to where it needs to be to combat depression.

New mums are prone to constipation during the first few weeks of child birth probiotics will help a new mums digestive system with healthy cultures that her body needs to keep her system running smoothly without suffering.

I highly recommend a good brand of probiotics. These ‘friendly’ bacteria produce acetic, lactic and formic acids, which may help maintain the favourable pH balance of the intestinal flora. A great probiotic product you can invest in can be found in the link below.

Smart Mushrooms is a powerful tonic for a new mum’s body helping support the immune system, improve general well being, reduce inflammation as the body heals, increase memory combating the baby brain that new mothers tend to get and enhance both concentration and cognitive function

New mums needs are primarily focused on looking after her new baby and herself without feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand.

A perfect gift for a new mum I believe should be a gift that is going to make her life a bit more simple. Being a new mum means a lot of learning and by giving her the knowledge on how to look after a new born baby and how to look after a new mum will simplify a new mum’s life.

Secrets for a First Time Mum the ebook is my top recommendation for the day that I highly recommend for a new mum

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