Treat Your Lover as a Customer…


What’s your offer?

Hey Everyone is selling something from the onset of a potential relationship, you are to selling to your potential lover. You dress to impress you talk the talk and even be so brave to walk the walk. You are at your best behaviour, it’s infectious, it’s alluring, it’s positive…

Until you start to feel like they have seen enough the selling stops. How long should one keep selling to the other? The answer is as long as you want to remain in business, as long as you want that person in your life. Imagine if each time we switch things up and sell a different attribute of ourselves to our lover. Offer them something different now and again but still maintain a full stock of all the attributes which won them over in the beginning.

Imagine your favourite store, you only go there because you get the best experience even when all you are doing is browsing through. How about applying that to your relationship, continue to be consistent in that which you offer to your lover from the beginning and offer variety now and again. Wouldn’t this be mind-blowing?

Somehow this is what actually happens… one relaxes in their offer but still expects from the other side to remain consistent. What you should know is when you relax, it’s like a switch, the offer changes as well from your lover. It may not change right in that moment but the missing pieces will start to show sooner or later. A good irresistible offer will attract a good irresistible return remember that.

How do you get the most out of your lover…. by continuously reviewing what you are giving your lover? Check yourself before you check them. Sometimes it’s the little shift in detail that can change the whole deal. Do not get tired to give your lover the very thing that made them buy what you had on offer. A stale offer is not appealing. Do your part of keeping it fresh and believe that a good turn deserves another.

Here is to getting what you want…🤗

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