PrEP… HIV Prevention Drug

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

PrEP is a drug proven by science, of its effectiveness to reduce the risk of contracting the HIV virus. I am Bonnie and I identify as a cis woman, a mother, graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and a physical fitness consultant.  However, this doesn’t so much define who I really am. I am human I have flaws, I am not living with HIV but I cannot purely say my status is because I was in control of every sexual partner that I have encountered. At times negotiation for safe sex can simply be, one asking if the man has protection and if he said no, it would automatically become a case of assumed trust on both sides but it doesn’t always guarantee safety.  Somehow women leave it to men to decide whether we should be safe or reckless. God forbid it shouldn’t be a decision left to the one who doesn’t think with his head but his other “head” during sexual encounters. 

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If only PrEP had been available sooner a lot more people would consciously protect themselves without having to bear the mental stress that comes after having a sexual encounter with someone they are not sure about.

PrEP is the ultimate peace giving solution for those living without the virus. However, the truth is there are some individuals that, haven’t had an HIV test and therefore have no idea about their status… what does this mean for them and those they will come in contact with sexually. I still believe that because of this uncertainty, HIV should remain a public health concern so that those that wish to prevent themselves from contracting the virus have access to PrEP. In the United Kingdom, PrEP has at large been at the disposable of the men who have sex with other men community, and less for the other communities. This inequality has to be addressed if we are going to end AIDS by 2030.


PrEP has not been easily available not to mention that not many people know about it. It is not known on the street, because the National Health Service (NHS) and Public Health England have been reluctant to provide this drug to everyone who choices to have it (other than through the PrEP Impact Trial – which has limited numbers) or at least educate people about it.

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As I have mentioned women are not always great at negotiating safe sex with men. A man can choose not to wear protection when having sex with a woman and because women often times than not never carry their own protection this makes it hard for us to have full control of the outcome. Not to throw the word promiscuous around loosely it isn’t everyone who practices unsafe sex who is promiscuous, for example, one can have unsafe sex with a regular partner whose status they are not sure about and end up pregnant but they can at least be rest assured that they will not have contracted HIV in the process if they are taking PrEP.  This eliminates the chances of transmitting it to the baby at birth.



The advantages of taking PrEP have been extensively documented. However, the biggest barrier remains on the cost of PrEP.   While I can sympathise with governments who are concentrating on ensuring that all people living with HIV in their countries are on effective treatment, we cannot afford to take the eye off prevention.  We should make PrEP available as part of the HIV prevention strategy. People need to have as much education as is available on HIV (Prevention, treatment and living well with the Virus)

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… Because knowing is freedom.

While Undetectable equals Untransmittable (U=U) is still very much a fact… for those that do not know what U=U means, it means when one is living with the HIV virus and on effective treatment, the treatment will suppress the viral load to the level where it is undetectable which in turn means that they cannot transmit the virus other  (untransmittable), another breakthrough to be celebrated.

Could PrEP be for you or a woman you know? Find out more at

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