Are You Loving Yourself Yet?

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Fighting Battles

fear-615989_1920You have come a long way from where you have been and have suffered some things that are beyond utterance. Things that shuttered you from within but yet the cracks are showing on the outside. Cracks showing up in form of self-neglect and self-loath when you look in the mirror, you don’t do the little things that make you feel good anymore, like do your nails or do your facial scrubs and face masks and hair treatments. Perhaps like me, you hide your beautiful hair under a wig or a hat that goes with whatever you wear now because you have forgotten how to dress up and how good it feels when you do and even when you do you don’t see the point.


You make so many plans to get stuff done but you hardly get started, you may find the fuel in your belly to start but you never finish. How many projects to self-liberate have you started but dumped along the way? In the midst of following your dreams, you still find your past is louder than any dream you could ever work on and make real. You ponder over matters and thoughts of those that hurt you in the past just won’t leave your head. The sad news is that they have moved on and they are not even thinking about you. As much as you know how bad it is for you to carry people in your mind that hardly pay rent for space you allow them to occupy nevertheless, you still wake up and go to sleep to thoughts of them. Are you loving yourself yet? Have you found a way to let go? Have you found a reason aside from the fact that you deserve to be happy? Can you make up another reason that could be more convincing? You may have loved ones around you but most of the times you find yourself yearning for your own company where you can ponder over intoxicating thoughts that leave you drunk with regret but still won’t help you come up stronger.

Your Rebirth

sun-581299_1920Are you loving yourself yet? When you spending money on self-love programs that you never seem to cancel because you believe that someday you will pluck up the courage to go and mould yourself in shape and become your best self. Are you there yet, or even close to loving that one person who has stood by you through the times when you made the wrong decisions that have gotten you to this sad place you so desperately want to wake up from because it is nothing but a nightmare? Are you gonna start at all because you may not know it but that same person is waiting for you to carry the broken you through to that new beginning? That person is you. A new you is waiting for the old you to keep moulding and polishing until the new you begins to shine through. Just dust up a little each day a scrub up a bit the next day and slowly the new you will emerge from within to give you a really big hug and thank you for doing the work.

Don’t Delay your Action Plan

hourglass-1703330_1920Remember each time you give up you are delaying your own victory, delaying your new beginning and oh honey, if you could see whats on the other side you would hurry up about it. On the other side, there is a happier you, a conquerer a stronger you on the other side there is a courageous you that beat the fear that is holding you back today. Can you say you are there yet? Are you loving you yet? How far are you? It is not too late to start now… So hurry up about it will you

To be continued… Don’t miss it

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