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Is Contraception ruining your weight loss program

When you have a family to look after, there is the desperation to cut corners and go for anything that will make your life a bit easier. Meals on the go at the chip shop or order a pizza whenever and that will be one problem solved.  When you join motherhood you try and get on top of contraceptive to avoid any accidental pregnancy. Then you think have got that one taken care of or have you? What factors could sabotage your weight loss plans?

Mental work

When you have a baby there is very little play time for yourself. Going outside or any form of energetic activity becomes foreign to you. This confirms the saying that says โ€œwe donโ€™t stop playing because we are old, we grow old is because we stop playing.

What Contraception?

Your choice of contraception could be the root of the hormonal confusion that intern translates as weight gain.  The long-term methods seem the most convenient of family planning methods that many women go for. What is in the most common and popular contraceptive methods? Artificial hormones! Some which stop you from ovulating. This form is the most common one because sex is possible anytime any day. What then happens to mensuration? The processes of nature that you have opted out of for convenience sake. How does it impact your body?

diet-398612_1920.jpg21 DAYS BELLY BANISHER

Artificial Hormones = Resident Enemy

zombie-595962_1920Most contraceptive methods contain artificial hormones that could sabotage any weight loss program you may try. You will experience a sudden weight gain sometimes known as baby fat. Joining the gym can help but, depending on commitments sometimes, it is hard to get the time to go to the gym when you have a newly born baby. I am also a strong believer in allowing the body to heal before jumping into heavy training. Baby weight/fat can be stubborn to lose when you have the hidden enemy working against your progress. You may have used the same contraception method before pregnancy and it worked fine, but after childbirth, if you use the same one and there is a cause of concern, bare in mind that your body goes through a rollercoaster of change. Donโ€™t be afraid to switch it up.


Always Moody?

When your mood is low your body processes things differently your metabolism slows down. This is another sign and symptom that comes with artificial hormones. For other women, this translates into a post-natal depression after you have just had a baby. Is it not shocking that contraception is not picked up as a cause of post-trauma. Beware of the guest of convenience that you invited into your body while trying to avoid another bump. I have once experienced serious mood swings when I tried the oral contraceptives after my first pregnancy, at that time I had no knowledge of the artificial hormones until the mood swings started.

Other side effects

pill-1884775_1920The bad experience I had with the pill was the emotional roller coaster and some people have skin breakouts and other physical side effects but I had emotional breakdowns when you are emotionally down sometimes it increases your appetite. I was always down and a proper witch, I did not want to be touched. I just could not be in the mood for intimacy, whenever I would try to be intimate, my vagina would be the great Sahara. It didn’t make sense at first. I just figured “there goes my sex life” because they used to warn me that a baby will take away your sex life in many ways than one. Until someone suggested the contraception issue to me, that was when I had the lightbulb moment. I stopped the pill instantaneously and sorted other means of contraception, this time trying to get less artificial hormones or better yet none at all. In a couple of weeks, I was feeling like myself again.

There is hope

mother-84628_1920After explaining my ordeal with the pill to my doctor, and he confirmed that these are common side effects but some people choose to live with them. I knew I couldn’t so I asked about “non-hormonal” choices available since I had become “educated through the course of oral contraception”. I thought I was asking for the impossible but there actually is non-hormonal methods of contraception. The one I opted for was the copper coil IUD. It was the best decision I ever made with regards to contraception, it has its weaknesses at first such as cramping and a heavier flow but once it had settled I had found myself a best friend. I was never moody or felt robbed of my energy. You can still enjoy motherhood when you decide to get on top of things.

If you can relate to this you can get a second opinion from a health adviser… not every method is good or bad for everyone but if you suspect any of the above. You can explore the topic with your health adviser… because knowing is freedom.


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