Vagina Secrets

Is your vagina keeping you out of the game?

When you believe in something even when it is not real it becomes your reality. It becomes worse when your belief starts to cost you what you could benefit from knowing the real truth. We are all suckers for a good scoop on fashion or just the smallest things like the best waterproof mascara that will not drip when the heat strikes. Any scoop is welcome but one that helps you to up your game and boost your confidence by something like 75% and change your life by a huge margin, that will be a scoop you wouldn’t want to miss out on. What if I tell you I have just the scoop and I cannot wait to let you in on it. Firstly I’m going to list the myths around the issue of the beautiful vagina.

Myth #1… the more sex = weaker vaginal floor

I have learnt that there is so much elasticity in a woman’s vaginal muscles. After two vaginal births and yes loads and loads of sex I can confidently say sex still feels amazing for me but there is a myth that the more sex you have and it doesn’t matter if its different men or just one the vaginal muscles are incredibly strong. It all comes down to how you take care of the virginal interior.

Myth #2 …. magic portions tighten your vaginal walls 

Nothing can strengthen/tighten a muscle if it is not moved or exercised. A lot of people are very familiar with the Kegal method of exercising the vaginal muscle yes it works but it will work even stronger when incorporated with good housekeeping… anything foreign inserted or consumed inside your body is temporary as well side effects that may be irreversible

Myth #3… washing inside is a no no

How is it possible that a vagina can clean itself but not any other part of your body? Why is it a no-no to wash it on the inside where the most dirt harbours but it is ok for other foreign things like silicon and flesh (I don’t need to spell it) to be inserted? These doctors and gynaecologists have got us confused. For an informative guide on how to clear this confusion, check out our book bestseller here. It will open your eyes to only natural and life-saving and money-saving concepts that have been practised and passed down through many generations, It is a must-read for every woman.

Myth #4… vagina smells fishy

A healthy vaginal discharge should not smell fishy whether it is fresh or stale unless infected. When you find a fishy smell from your vaginal discharge it is normally after unprotected intercourse or during your period because there is excretion of living cells during sexual intercourse. A man’s sperm swims up the woman’s womb and hibernates in the womb for up to 37 hours and then starts to make its way down as dead juice. At this stage that’s when it will be smelling because then, the living cells will have died the same applies when the woman’s egg comes down as blood during your period it is because the egg would have died due to none fertilisation from a living sperm. So if your vagina is smelling fishy and you are not on your period it is because of what has just been stated about a man’s sperm.


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